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Archaeological science, also known as archaeometry, consists of the application of scientific techniques to the analysis of archaeological materials, to assist in dating the materials. Martinón-Torres and Killick distinguish ‘scientific archaeology’ (as an epistemology) from ‘archaeological science’ (the application of specific techniques to archaeological materials).

Martinón-Torres and Killick claim that ‘archaeological science’ has promoted the development of high-level theory in archaeology.

Cast members Suzanna "Sooz" Parisi and Ryan "Burgo" Burgess experimented with social media and met with some success but also drawbacks.

However, Mr Crosby said there would be more pressure for the men to start conversations with girls they were attracted to."Sometimes students who start the course telling me they are extremely shy will take more than five girls' numbers on the Saturday and be amazed it was possible," he said.The boot camp wraps up on the Sunday with more theory and trying to help the students make sense of their experience."I also give them tailored advice to how they can continue to work on their confidence and communication skills," he said.While finding a mate online was once a taboo subject, Ms Parisis and Mr Burgess said it was now a more acceptable way of dating."People are turning to other forms of dating to try to connect with people more, online dating, speed dating, Tinder etc., and I think the stigma of meeting people in those ways is totally gone," Ms Parisi said."I think social media can make it easier for people to cheat once they're in relationships."One of my best mates follows nothing but bikini models on Instagram and he's in a relationship."Whilst he has no chance with these girls, his girlfriend believes that is a form of cheating."[And another] example, Facebook private messages that a partner may read?I seriously know multiple couples affected by that, to the demise of their relationship, too."Ms Parisi added that singles dependent on social media could see themselves "watching" life go by."People can often sit back and passively 'watch' a person they have a crush on and do nothing about it, because the photos of their life seem too intimidating to be a part of and often people don't take a chance on social media," she said.

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