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Parks 'n Rec writer Harris Wittels who doesn't want to be known for creating Humblebrag, but did, is a longtime fan of Weird Adults with Little Esther and lays down some Phish jams in this extra chill episode.

Esther drinks coffee for the first time and can barely handle it.

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The rumors are true, Little Esther sat down with Joe Marcell aka JEFFREY FROM FRESH PRINCE to hear what makes him a weird adult. Subscribe @ Like what you hear?

Esther also clearly has a huge thing for her...which makes for a plenty weird episode. The new podcast Vomit On The Web from Feral Audio stars Ingrid Haas and Melissa Stephens and they prove to be the perfect catalyst for Esther's weirdness. Kevin Christy (@kevingchristy) is a fellow stand up and sitcom actor.

Esther is sad over Ingrid's breast reduction and Esther takes Legendary stand up and writer Wayne Federman lends his unique brand of weirdness to 'Weird Adults with Little Esther' and they have an intimate discussion on fast food. He fills Esther in on why Yoko Ono is amazing, why Priests are rockstars and it gets pretty weird when he opens up about his recent break up.

In pursuit of an animal-rights activist turned serial killer, Tribeca, Geils and Tanner travel outside of their jurisdiction to New Orleans, New York, Miami, outer space and Universal Studios Hollywood," a press release teased.

"The season begins with the first episode and ends with the climactic last episode, barely stopping for Episodes 2 through 9.

I recently had the opportunity to visit the Dream Works campus and screen the first two episodes of the series.Rashida Jones plays the title role in “Angie Tribeca,” who is a detective in the LAPD.It also stars Hayes Mac Arthur, Jere Burns, Deon Cole, and Andree Vermeulen.Download, share and watch "Workaholi Our weirdest adult yet and the first podcast appearance of Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre regular Armen Weitzman ( gets...weird. Do Armen and Esther have chemis Stand up comedian Michael Kosta ( is a heart throb...according to Esther.As a huge touring comic with multiple appearances on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Kosta definitely seems to have it together.

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