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"Doc\ you’ve got to do something to lower my sex drive." "Come on now.

Mr Peters.* the dc K'tor said, "your sex drive's all in your head.

prior to his wedding, asked his father how to conduct himself.

'Well.” said the father, "you take the thing you used to play vlth when you were a teen-ager and put It where your wife wee-wees." So the young man took his baseball and threw it in the toilet.

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1 handed the women next to me a bill." "Is that what's making you sad? A week later the Pole complained to the doctor that they didn't produce the desired results. " ■ An unfortunate young man was thrown out of the Boy . ■ Little Wl Ulam went to his father and said, "Daddy, where did I come from? At great length, he described the whole business of creation, beginning with the birds and the bees. And because only Tartek^is treated with Aijgh quality rot proofing dtemicals.--4iadhavmlnh So Imu M, external affairs minister, making a corffession in Parliament regarding his passing on a note on Bo/ors prepared by a mysterious lawyer to the Swiss federal counci Uor/or foreign affairs. This combination has given Vajpayee intuitive powers and an analytical brain tojudge a political situation.Imran Khan Is a vei^ sensible man but not a very generous one: and perhaps this is what makes him a great leader of men. The position of Mars in the sixth house in the meen rasihas giiled him with the power of oration and the slreri)^ to overcome the enemy with personal courage.Proeoduros, Tur Ms April 17 ft 18 HOWTO OET ISO 9000 ACCREDITATION -Tho Oua Wy Standards of 1992 ft Boyond Apiil 22 ft 23 STAGING irb UR TIME April 24 SALES TAX LAWS April 25 ART ft SCIENCE OF NEGOTIATION April 27 ft 28 . "Hey," one asked, "does your wife close her eyes when you're making love to hei? "She Just can't stand to watch me having a good time." ■ An armless man walked into John's Bar and ordered a beer. You’re so silent." "It's my wife, Ann," John replied.PEOPLE SKILLS • Porwnal ttrdtaal M for Suooom ft Growth April 29 ft 30 ' For omoimont writ* or contoct d Mft N. KUMAR 9K Ct UEATNECOMHUNie ATION ; ee AND MANAOEIIENT CENTER 2nd Floor, Ro^ Bohodui Buldlna e, Ambcriol Om M Rood, (Homom St.) Boml MV 23. When served, he asked the bartender to help him drink it by holding the glass. After the third beer, the customer asked the location of the men's room. “Ever since she's been working overtime at the phone company, she's cut our sex down to twice a week." "You're lucky." replied John.

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