Who is zoe bell dating

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He was good friends with Mike Dallas until he hit Dallas' car and ran off.

He is very close with Tristan Milligan, whom he started a relationship with, broke up with, got back together, and finally ended in them breaking up.

You don’t wanna know how we feel, because when people ask you to “express your feelings”, they don’t mean your actual feelings.

He has been long time best friends with Winston Chu, Zoë Rivas is his ex girlfriend and he became close with her again when she started dating Winston.

In retaliation, Miles flips and jump in the swimming pool even after Maya tells him not to do anything stupid. Miles walks behind Winston as he takes his seat, cupping Maya's shoulder as he passes.

As he and Winston take their seats, Maya asks him how he got on the trip last minute.

She argues that it might and he tells her, once again, that it won't.

He also ends up offering Maya a hit of his joint, which she refuses.

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